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Site History
17 / 7 / 05 :
  Added 3 new photo galleries.  
21 /5 / 05 :
  Changed layout of download page. Work in progress. Additional pages coming soon.  
10/1/05 :
  Changed web hosting to Got double the space and a faster link ;-) Also removed Diary section. Decided it should be private.  
5/10/04 :
  Added diary section.  
25/9/04 :
  Updated site using 2 newly coded java applets, Textlink & Thumblink. Hope you like the updated look.  
22/8/04 :

Jack Bevan was born at 8.29pm on Thursday 19th August 2004. 8lb 13oz. I have put a few pictures in the photo section, and i will try and post more when they are taken. :-)

11/8/04 :

Picture viewer is now complete. Well, v1.0 anyway ;-)

6/8/04 :
  Experimental new picture viewer applet uploaded into photos section. This applet will be updated and modified frequently over the next few days/weeks. Any updates to it will not be listed here until the full version is complete.  
3/8/04 :
  Web host changed to force9.  
5/3/04 :
  First picture of me and claire's baby in photos section! :-)  
21/9/03 :
  General site update. Removed Photos in readyness for new uploads.  
.... :
  Earlier updates removed.  


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